Lap Band Fills

lapbandThe Food and Drug Administration approved the gastric lap band surgery for obesity in 2001, and since then the Lab Band surgery has become a viable option for morbidly obese patients to start on a journey to healthy living. The adjustable gastric band can be surgically placed around the stomach laparscopically, and the procedure can be reversed. Band surgery ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 and includes post operative follow ups.

How it works:

The Lap Band is surgically installed around the upper stomach unfilled. After inside the body the band can be filled with saline solution to tighten or loosen like a balloon. The tightening or loosening of the band through an external fill is a tool you and your practitioner use to reduce calorie intake and limit meal proportions. The band controls the stoma (stomach outlet) between the new upper pouch and the lower part of the stomach, restricting the flow of food.

What Is Involved In A Fill?

A lap band fill is an office procedure conducted in our office at 5390 E. Erickson Dr. Tucson, AZ. 85712. The procedure usually takes just a few minutes. It is recommended that the patient visit their surgeon for initial band fills as they are responsible in ensuring a correct fit and function.

Can Anyone Fill A Lap Band?

The short answer is with a little training the process of filling of a lap band can be learned. The fill process is equal parts skill and experience. If your band is too tight you’ll have a tendency to feel nausea or in some cases vomit. Our provider, John vonKurshberg, P.A., is a certified Bariatric Board Specialist and has been working in post operative lap band care for since 2009. John has filled thousands of bands and has developed a relationship with his patients that allow him to know what works for each individual. It is not uncommon to adjust a lap band many times. The ability to come in and adjust the lap band is a benefit many patients have come to depend on at the Quality of Life Medical Centers.

What Do I Do To Prepare For My Band Fill?

Patients are generally advised not to eat anything for at least 12 hours before a fill. It is important that the stomach be completely empty.  We suggest you don’t drink at least 3 hours before your visit.  It is important to be well hydrated so drink lots of water before the 3 hour period.

How Much Does the Lap Band Hold?

A lap band typically holds 10 to 12 ml’s of fluid. Typically the initial fill is loaded to 6ml so the patient can adjust to the new feel and lifestyle of the lap band. The idea is to get enough restriction that you aren’t able to eat as much at a meal. You need to be able to eat a certain amount of calories each day in order to be healthy so if the band is too tight patients may experience nausea and vomiting or malnutrition.

Who’s Lap Band Will You Fill?

QLMC is able to fill most lap bands that have been surgically installed by a surgeon. Typically their is a post operative relationship that involves initial fills and ongoing support for a limited amount of time. Our services can be used after the included fill period or if you feel the band fill professional you are currently using isn’t meeting your needs. We can fill bands placed by the following center; Northwest Hospital Bariatric Center, Tucson Medical Center (TMC) Lap Band Center, TrueResult Surgery Centers, bands installed in Mexico or in other offices from around the country. We can adjust the Real