Our Research Facility

QLMC Facilities

  • Temperature-controlled, 24-hour-monitored locked storage facilities featuring -20° F freezers, cold centrifuge, regular centrifuge, stadiometer, DEXA (Lunar Prodigy machine) for bone density, and body-fat composition testing
  • 16 Exam rooms
  • one dedicated monitoring rooms
  • Large conference room
  • On-site long-term records storage
  • Overnight-sleeping capability, for round-the-clock blood draws
  • On-site emergency equipment including airways, Ambu Bag, IV fluids and epinephrine, IV Benadryl

About Our QLMC Research Staff

  • 3 study coordinators – 2 CRC certified
  • One nurse-practitioner – Also CRC certified
  • Two patient recruiters
  • Administrative staff (for regulatory preparation)
  • One certified DEXA technician
  • 3 on-site physicians
  • 1 to 2 M.D.’s (available on a daily basis)
  • Relationships with Specialist M.D.’s (for OB-GYN, gastroenterology, allergy, and immunology, cardiology, pulmonology, orthopedics)