Month: October 2021

Pain Resource Management. Treatment Showing Young Woman in Pain

Pain Resource Management

This article puts you in touch with various pain resource management experts. Our treatment for chronic pain aims to reduce pain, restore functionality, and increase mobility. Table Of Contents Pain Resource Management for Chronic PainChronic Overlapping Pain Conditions (COPC)Pain Resource Management for Chronic Pain PatientsPain...

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Lose weight in Tucson with QLMC. This image shows a vector with 2 women checking their BMI.

Lose weight and enjoy a healthy life with the help of QLMC

It’s not an easy task to lose weight. But it is very essential, which is why this article provides some interesting solutions to make you drop the pounds. To make the weight loss process more effective, you can follow these tips to achieve your goal. To lose weight is a struggle but with these tips it can help you become a new you! Table Of Contents 1....

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behavioral health

3 New Habits to Start That Can Improve Your Behavioral Health

When it comes to improving your behavioral health, the key is to build healthy and sustainable habits. Small changes in your daily life can have a big impact on your behavioral health, which takes into account both your physical and mental health. While you should also check in with your doctor at your primary care clinic, these three habits are ones that you can try out today. Daily Walks Getting...

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