Achieving high-quality outcomes

Having conducted numerous clinical trials, we possess valuable insights into the key resources necessary for precise, compliant, and punctual study completion.

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Ensuring impeccable quality and precise data

By prioritizing precision and accuracy, we can enhance the reliability and validity of your findings, leading to more robust and trustworthy results.

Quality results through accurate data

With hundreds of clinical trials under our beltwe know what resources contribute to accurate, compliant, and timely studies completed on time.

Our studies are within budget and include the desired demographics. Our laboratory, secure pharmacy, upgraded security, real-time monitoring, and dedicated recruiters are top-notch.

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Delivering Impeccable Quality and Precise Data with Unwavering Commitment

Our in-house teams provide robust support in clinical data, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and risk management for our site and studies.

Our dedicated teams actively identify opportunities for ongoing enhancements, consistently providing comprehensive support for all aspects of QA/QC processes. This ensures strict adherence to FDA regulations, ICH GCP Guidance, and industry standards.

Our Capabilities

  • A collocated medical clinic and research center, each of which supports the other.
  • 8 Physicians
  • 9 exam rooms
  • 2 dedicated monitor rooms
  • Accredited Local Laboratory
  • Ambient Centrifuge
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Biotech Laboratory Refrigerator
  • -20C freezer
  • -70C freezer
  • -80C freezer
  • Long-term storage capabilities for frozen lab samples
  • Electronic Temperature Monitoring System
  • High-Speed Internet Access
  • Study-dedicated fax machine
  • Investigational product storage compliance
  • Crash cart
  • Secure Storage for source documents
  • Phase I capabilities, inpatient and outpatient
  • 24-hour in-patient monitoring capabilities
  • Full Kitchen
  • Full Living space
  • Patient restroom with a shower
  • All equipment is inspected and calibrated annually (more frequently if required)

About Our Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is secure and is staffed by employees dedicated to and trained specifically for the purposes of staffing the pharmacy. We exercise strict controls over storage, inventory, temperature, and access, allowing only dedicated pharmacy staff to enter and work in the area.

Our pharmacy offers:

  • Area for study drug packaging and dispensing
  • Adequate storage/inventory control
  • Double-locked freezer for temperature-controlled IP
  • Record-keeping
  • Double-locked refrigerator for temperature-controlled IP
  • Double locked door

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