Pain Management

Pain Resource Management

The pain management experts in Tucson showing 3d graphic of black and white figure with an area of red signifying the area of pain

This article puts you in touch with various pain resource management experts. Our treatment for chronic pain aims to reduce pain, restore functionality, and increase mobility. Pain Resource Management for Chronic Pain Pain that persists for more than three to six months is considered chronic pain. While acute pain from an injury typically subsides after …

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Acute Pain Management

Defined as the physiologic response and experience to noxious stimuli that can become pathologic. Acute pain is normally sudden in onset, time limited, and motivates behaviors to avoid actual or potential tissue injuries. Pain management helps with this. Acute and Chronic Pain Acute pain, unlike chronic pain, is self-limited discomfort that typically lasts from a few …

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Interventional Pain Management – A Practical Guide

What is interventional pain management? Interventional Pain Management (IPM) is a practice in which analgesic techniques (injections and infusions) are used to intervene in pain pathways. IPM can involve the use of medical procedures, medications, physiotherapy, exercise, and other non-drug therapies such as relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy which are effective for pain relief. …

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