Pain Resource Management. Treatment showing a young woman in pain

Pain Resource Management

Table Of Contents Pain Resource Management for Chronic PainChronic Overlapping Pain Conditions (COPC)Pain Resource Management for Chronic Pain PatientsPain Resource ManagementPain MedicineNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)AcetaminophenCOX-2 inhibitorsAntidepressants and anti-seizure medicationsMedical & Therapy Options...

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Chinese Woman with Pelvic Pain

Lower Back Pain that Radiates to Front Pelvic Area

Pelvic pain experienced around the hip and pelvis sometimes has nothing to do with problems in the pelvic area. Problems in the lower back can result in back pain and/or pain through the hips and down into the legs. This is known as sciatica. This article walks you through the various diseases and conditions that can cause pain in the pelvic region. Table...

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