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Information for CRO’s

There’s one research company you can depend on for clinical trial outsourcing.

Our goal at Quality of Life Research Center is to provide cutting-edge patient-centered care. To that end, we want to help your organization with clinical trial outsourcing.

  • Recruit successfully
  • Execute with precision
  • Produce and deliver reliable data to support the study goals
QLRC is the trusted medical research company you can rely on time after time. You can expect the highest quality service from us. We run clinical trials in a professional, safe and effective manner.

Clinical trial outsourcing is What We Do

Trusted research site

Contract Research Organizations can depend on Quality of Life Research Center as a trusted research site to support your company’s advanced clinical research and medical development endeavors. QLRC service biotechnology, medical device development, and pharmaceutical testing organizations. We also work with the following:

  • Universities
  • Government organizations
  • Foundations

We carry out specific medical research and development on their behalf.

A wide array of services

Our array of services can help contract research organizations. We carry out so much more than research and clinical testing. We can provide a wide variety of services that support your efforts. Some of these services include:

  • Project Management
    — Logistics
    — Resource Allocation
  • Data Management
    — Database Design
    — Data Entry
    — Data Validation
    — Database Maintenance
  • Research Education
    — GCP Training
  • Clinical Study Management
    — Site Assessment & Management
    — Patient Recruiting
    — Study Monitoring
  • Research Compliance Services
    — Research Audits
    — Support for FDA Inspections
  • Statistical Analysis Reports
    — Including Final Study Reports
  • Product Development & Commercialization
    — Market Assessment & Research
    — Medical Product Registration
    — Product Launch & Marketing
  • Medical Writing Assistance
    — White Papers
    — Powerpoint Presentations
    — Clinical Study Documents

Why Work with Us?

To avoid putting a massive strain on your team, if you run a smaller organization, we can help. This is also applicable even to larger pharmaceutical organizations and medical facilities. We help you work with the complexities of new technologies and evolving regulations. We partner with you to manage all these elements during clinical trials and research.

Proven Capabilities

Nothing speaks to our quality and capability as this. QLMC was the highest enrolling clinical trials site in the United States for Moderna’s Phase III clinical trials of its COVID vaccine.

Additionally, QLMC was among the best at recruiting participants from disadvantaged populations. Outsourcing clinical trials and other medical research can benefit your organization. However, this may present a certain degree of risk. It would be best if you considered that when you outsource your clinical trials to Quality of Life, you can count on the following:

  • Accuracy
  • Compliance
  • Flexibility
  • Dedicated Marketing
  • Extraordinary Participant Attention and Care
  • Cost Savings
  • Time Savings
  • Advanced Technology
  • Thorough Understanding of Evolving Compliance Requirements

We carry out specific medical research and development on their behalf.

When you choose the quality of life, you have a partner you can count on.

You’re getting time to focus on other critical aspects of your organization. Conducting a medical trial requires serious time and resources. Quality of Life has the tools and resources necessary to set up clinical trials. This can be coupled with two decades of dedicated experience. 

We have a team of in-house experts with experience in all clinical trials and compliance areas.

This means that your testing will be on time and stay on schedule as well as on budget. This results in excellent time savings. In a world where time is often synonymous with money, it means significant cost savings. CROs often appreciate clinical trial sites that offer access to the latest technology. In addition to working with advanced technology for clinical testing, our site is equipped with the latest systems for data management, research analysis, and more. When you want the most accurate data, outsourcing to Quality of Life is your best bet.

If you need help with an aspect of clinical trial outsourcing and testing that isn’t on this list, don’t worry.

Our team of dedicated research employees is here to address all your concerns. We work with you to ensure your study is as successful as possible. Contact our team today with any questions about how we can help you.

Partnering with Quality of Life

We’ve covered the “why” of outsourcing your clinical trials and research to Quality of Life. But what is it like working with Quality of Life Research Center? Before you select a site to work with, there are a few important questions you’ll need to consider:

  • Does the site’s way of working adapt to my organization’s needs?
  • Is this a team that seems committed to excellence?
  • How long has the team been together?
  • How long has the site’s leadership been in place
  • What is the site’s track record?
  • How much experience does this CRO have in my organization’s niche?
Doctor and CRO shaking hands after successful Clinical trial outsourcing

Considerations for CROs

It’s important to note that every CRO and every clinical trial site is slightly different. QLMC helps you conduct the safest and most accurate clinical research possible. Additionally, as with any industry, there are slight differences. Some sites like ours may work with large sponsors like Pfizer regularly. We may do this on a wide variety of research projects. Other sites may work within a specific medical niche. With more than 100 studies under our belt, we can address studies in various fields.

While Quality of Life is on the smaller side of trial sites, this is one of our key advantages. This allows us to offer our clients’ projects more specialized attention. Additionally, our Principal Investigators are on site. We are intricately involved in the execution and evaluation of every project. Get in touch if you want to learn about our previous clinical trial experience.

Trust Us with Your Clinical trial outsourcing.

As a site conducting clinical trials, it’s our responsibility to ensure that your trials and other research are conducted efficiently and consistently with regulatory guidelines. Therefore, we want to help meet the needs of an ever-evolving industry while providing companies like yours with valuable tools to make lasting changes for patients everywhere. Reach out. We are happy to discuss our capabilities, past successes, and how we can help you achieve the goals of each clinical trial.

Getting in touch

Want to talk with a research team member? Our front desk staff will be more than happy to put you in touch with a research team member who can answer any questions you may have.

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