Research Leadership

Our Mission

Quality of Life Research Center (QLRC) in Tucson, Arizona, features a research division that has conducted more than 200 clinical trials over the past 20 years. Under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer, founder and Principal Investigator John McGettigan, MD, our clinical trials have examined a diverse set of issues including pain management, libido, chronic illness, vaccine effectiveness, women’s health and much more detailed below.

Our success as the number one enrolling site for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine clinical trials is representative of our capacity to accommodate studies of all sizes and complexity. The Moderna study demonstrated our ability to quickly ramp up a new study, reach out to a variety of communities and community organizations to enroll a diverse population, and to control vast amounts of data over a seriously compressed timeline.

Our Trusted Leadership

Dr. John McGettigan

Dr. John McGettigan has two decades of experience successfully leading more than 200 clinical trials for a variety of Contract Research Organizations and sponsors.

Annette Elzy

As our Research Business Manager, Annette ensures that we are in contractual and budget compliance with every aspect of each study and that our sponsors’ resources are used efficiently.

Yvonne De Los Reyes

As our Director of Clinical Research, Yvonne offers 20 years of experience leading a vast assortment of clinical studies.