Research leadership

Quality of Life Research Center has assembled …

Dr. John McGettigan

Dr. John McGettigan, having recently retired from the active practice of medicine, is the Chief Executive Officer and driving force behind Quality of Life Medical Center, which he founded in 2000, specializing in men’s health and general medicine. While building QLMC, he noted synergies between the medical center and research and went on to found the Quality of Life Medical and Research Center in 2001.

With more than two decades of clinical trials under his belt, he has successfully led more than 200 clinical trials for a variety of Contract Research Organizations and research sponsors. In this role, he oversaw the execution of the Moderna COVID vaccine trials, with QLRC ultimately enrolling more participants than any other site in the United States.

Yvonne de Los Reyes

Yvonne Cruz

Yvonne Cruz serves as the QLRC Director of Clinical Research. In that capacity, Yvonne oversees all aspects of our clinical trials, including compliance, recruitment, execution, lab work, pharmacy, data collection, record keeping, and financials.

With more than 20 years of experience directing clinical research, Yvonne and her team are well known in the field, having managed the execution of the Moderna COVID-19 clinical trials, enrolling close to 1,000 participants across Southern Arizona, more than any other site. Yvonne’s dedication and commitment regularly result in clinical studies hitting their participant targets and sponsor audits free of any significant findings.

Annette Elzy

Annette Elzy

Annette Elzy is a senior member of our Research Team with ten years of experience working in clinical trials, with slightly more than half being in oncology and the remainder in general medicine.

Annette has a proven track record of working with Contract Research Organizations and sponsors, with her role focusing on the business end—contracts, regulatory, budgets, etc.—from startup to conclusion.