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What is Primary Health Care?

At Quality of Life, health care is performed and managed by your personal provider, who often collaborates with other health professionals. This provides patient advocacy in the health care system to accomplish cost-effective and equitable care by coordination of health care services. This also promotes effective communication with patients and families to encourage them to be a partner in health care.1

Primary health care is about physical, mental, and social well-being. This is more effective than a disease-centric approach. It is the cornerstone of sustainable development. This ensures people across the community stay healthy and get care whenever they need it.

Primary care provider in Tucson, AZ

People with Chronic Conditions need Regular Monitoring

For example people who suffer from:

  • Diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Sleep apnea

  • Hypertension

These patients enjoy routine visits to QLMC

Our treatment plan includes:

  • Medications

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle modifications

  • Therapies such as medical-massage


By working with one of our primary care doctors in Tucson , you can stay on top of your health needs and prevent chronic diseases. The services offered at Quality Of Life Medical and Research Center are:

  • Annual wellness visits for Medicare-eligible patients

  • Blood pressure screening

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Women’s health including cervical and breast cancer screening

  • Complete physical exam

  • Screening for bowel cancer

  • Medication management

  • Behavioral health screening for anxiety and depression

  • Diabetes screening

  • Complete set of lab tests

  • Treatment of illness and injury

  • Cholesterol levels

  • Screening for glaucoma

  • Routine prostate screening

*Most specialists require a wellness check. Typically a referral by a health care practitioner firsthand. 
1 From the American Academy of Family Physicians

Difference between primary care and urgent care?

Our health care physicians monitor, diagnose and treat general health conditions. Apart from that, they also do routine care, checkups, etc.

Generally, people remain in the care of the same doctor all through their lives.

On the other hand, urgent care is more like a walk-in clinic and may treat a variety of acute illnesses or injuries.

With urgent care, you can get treatment quicker. Usually urgent care doesn’t require an appointment. 

Who should I see for primary care?

Our health care center includes several specialties.

The primary care physician you choose should suit your medical needs.

What drugs can primary care doctors prescribe?
Your primary care provider is the person you can turn to for routine physicals, immunizations, and wellness screenings. They are also there when you need a diagnosis or help managing chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure). Primary care providers work with specialists so they understand how best to take your health into consideration as well as provide all of that specialized expertise in one place!